Supercharge your meetings with Golem app and Galileo.

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Telepresence with Galileo

Golem app allows people to remotely control a smartphone
plugged into a Galileo device, making it a multi-user telepresence robot when used in tandem with videoconferencing software.

1. Plug into Galileo

Just plug it! Make sure the smartphone is supported by Galileo hardware.

2. Enable Host Mode

This will setup a code-protected room for remote devices to connect to over the Internet.

3. Use Remote Mode

Connect to host device by entering Golem code shared by the host. Use joystick-like interface to control Galileo.

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Host Mode

Turn your smartphone into telepresence robot with Host Mode and enjoy nearly 360° of movement freedom.

Supports Skype, Google Hangouts and others

Golem's Host Mode runs in the background, so you can use your favorite software for videoconferencing.

Available for $5.99

Host Mode is offered as in in-app purchase. Pay once, use forever – no monthly fees!

Remote Mode

Use your smartphone to control a remote Golem device over the Internet, wherever your are.

Easy to set up and use

Just type in Golem code and use your smartphone as a joystick. It's that simple!


Remote Mode is free to use, forever and ever.

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Golem for Google Hangouts

Control Galileo straight from Google Hangouts. Simply start a new Hangout using the button below.

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